Malaysian songbird Shila Amzah (茜拉) made her appearance in a YouTube show called “#BegituBegini” with THR Gegar radio announcer DJ Nazz.

During the session, the 29-year-old was asked about the rumours circulating that she is among one of the richest female artiste in Malaysia.

Source: YouTube via Murai

“When you won the ‘Asian Wave’, you managed to bring home RM5 million. Word has it that your net worth has reached up to USD50 million or RM200 million back in 2016, which turned you into a millionaire in the entertainment scene. True or false?” DJ Nazz asked.


The “Tiada Dirimu” singer refused to give a straightforward answer when she replied, “I don’t think so. Since I’ve already counted all my assets, it didn’t reach to that point. So I would say the statement is neither true or false.”

Additionally, Shila (full name Nur Shahila Amir Hamzah) shared during the chat a piece of advice for up-and-coming singers. According to the mother-of-one, every artistes need to pay attention to what the contract has to offer as well as getting familiar with one’s self-pride.

“Actually, in the singing field, if you do it properly and you read your contract thoroughly and at the same time know your self-esteem, God willing you can make money out of it,” said the Kuala Lumpur-born starlet.

In case you missed it, Shila was also listed in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces In Asia for the year 2019, joining other international acts such as BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Angelababy and Red Velvet’s Irene to name a few.

Feel free to check out the full list here.

Source: Murai

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