So the “Friends” reunion is finally underway. After what seem like decades of anticipation, the show’s producers that have often said no have finally given in.

While the deal is far from concrete, news about the negotiation over at HBO Max and Warner Bros. Television have been positive thus far. So as we wait for the final decision of the reunion special, here’s are a list of question we like to see answered, if it does happen.

1.What happen to Ross and Rachel’s relationship?

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A large part of the final season of “Friends” focuses heavily on the pair’s relationship, with their on-and-off status have fans screaming at the screen. So while the final episode hinted that the two will get married after the series, it would be nice to see a confirmation of what actually happened after.


2.How did Chandler and Monica’s kids turn out?

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So if a special does happen, it will most probably meant that several years have pass within the show. This is to reflect the age of the actors and actresses in real life. Going with this logic, it’ll be interesting to see how the kids will turn out having the uptight Monica and the laxness of Chandler as parents.

3.How did the Phoebe and Mike relationship turn out?

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Remember Paul Rudd’s character, Mike? Well we see him and Phoebe having the marriage of her dreams and all seems well in the series several episodes later (even the episode where they change their name). But it could all just be the honeymoon period, as we might not know exactly how their marriage turn out.

4.What became of Joey’s career? 

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So we know Joey has quite the acting career, from his own spin-off series “Joey”. But things might not always be so bright and sunny at Los Angeles. So with a few years down the line, we are really interested in seeing how his career is going.

5.What happened to Joey and Alex’s relationship?

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The same case as Ross and Rachel. We want to know! So with the show (“Joey”) leaving everyone with only a hint, a confirmation if they really got married would be lovely.

6. Will Alex appear on the “Friends” special?

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Last thing about the Joey spin-off, promise. So if Alex does get together with Joey, then does this mean we will see the Andrea Anders’ character in the “Friends” reunion? Just wondering…

7.Did Joey ever pay Chandler back?

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So we know Chandler and Joey are the best of friends. But Chandler pay for almost everything on Joey’s behalf in the series. This makes us think exactly how much does the actor owe his former roommate. Fortunately, the good people at Laughspin has help us figure it out, with them calculating the tap to a total of US$114,260. So with the Italian-American acting career taking off, we wonder, does he ever think of paying him back?

8. Will Chandler find his perfect job?

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Going back to Chandler, fans know how much he hated his work at statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. He quit when he discovered he was being transferred to Tulsa. This lead to him landing a junior copywriter position through Monica’s help. So does Matthew Perry’s character stick with the job, or does he find a more perfect one down the line?

9. What has Rachel been up to? 

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On the topic of work, Rachel basically quit her job offer in Paris to be with Ross back in New York, thus leaving her unemployed. So does Rachel find a job in the fashion industry like she wanted? Guess we can only find out if the reunion happen.


10.Will any side characters make an appearance?

So 10 seasons in and hundreds of episodes later, the “Friends” series have definitely rack up their fare share of side characters. So with the reunion special possibly pulling through, we’re just wondering whether we get to see some of the side characters reappearing in the show. Maybe give us fans that nostalgia kick?

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