Kwon Hyuk Jun (권혁준) – who was involved in the controversial chatroom with Jung Joon Young and other well-known celebrities – will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, as requested by the Korean prosecution team.

It was previously reported that one member of the chatroom is the “older brother of a famous girl group member”. For those who don’t know, Kwon is the elder brother of Girls’ Generation member Kwon Yuri (유리). He is also known for his appearance in “I Can See Your Voice” (너의 목소리가 보여) back in 2016.

Sources: Facebook, Google Image

According to Koreaboo, Kwon has admitted that he is guilty. He also expressed his hopes that the recurring incident will not bring harm to his family. “Everything is my fault, my mistake, I can feel the weight of my crimes every day. I did not intend to cause harm by using force or violence,” said Kwon.


He further added that he will continue to “live my life with the fact that my fiancee, my family, my sister who is a public figure, have to split the blame for my crimes and that I have inflicted permanent damage that I can’t wash away.”

Besides Kwon, the full details of the prosecution’s requests for other celebrities and public figure involved in the scandal – namely Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, Burning Sun MD “Kim” and former entertainment agency employee “Heo” have finally been revealed yesterday (Wednesday, 13th November).

For those who are curious, the prosecution has requested for these men to undergo these period of sentence:

  • Jung Joon Young – 7 years in prison
  • Choi Jong Hoon and Heo – 5 years in prison
  • Kim and Kwon Hyuk Jun – 10 years in prison

At the time of writing (Thursday, 14th November), the requests for the 5 culprits’ sentences have been sent to the jury. The final decision is set to be announced on 29th November (Friday).

Source: Koreaboo.

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