If there’s one thing that fans will never get tired of Kris Wu (吴亦凡), it’s his love life.

Following his connection to Luna aka Qinniu Zhengwei (秦牛正威) and Han Qiyuan (韓其原), people are now wondering if he’s moved on to Mitsuki Kimura (木村 光希).

Source: Twitter

Despite her young age (she’s only 16), Mitsuki Kimura – who is more commonly known as Koki – is already an establish star in her own right. Oh, and she also happens to be the youngest daughter of J-pop legend Kimura Takuya (from the hugely popular 90s boy group SMAP).


The rumour first caught fire when the former EXO member announced that he will debuting the anticipated new single entitled “Eternal Love” (貳叁). The 29-year-old superstar explained that he wanted his leading lady to be “familiar, but also unfamiliar, fresh” and has a different face in the entertainment industry.

Source: Twitter

Everyone might have seen her on the big screen or whatever, but they might not have seen her perform like she did in the MV. She has a very special aura and unique quality that made her very suitable for this micro film. So that’s why we collaborated together,” the Canadian-Chinese was quoted as saying.

Even though the mini-film is 16-minute long, Kris explained that they had less than 3 days to finish filming everything. He revealed that the scene where he and Koki were embracing each other in the snow while on a roof was actually the first scene they shot together.



For Kiko, the most challenging aspect of filming “Eternal Love” was learning how to play a blind person. Since the Japanese model doesn’t have much performance experiences, Kris was impressed at her ability to get into character quickly. This in turn, helped to speed up the process of filming.

So the pair have showed they have chemistry on-screen, but that doesn’t mean they have developed feelings for one another off-screen. Several sources have insisted that the duo are just colleagues. We wonder how does Luna feel about seeing Kris and Koki’s scenes together?

We know that many other female fans would love to be in Koki’s shoes.

Source: 38jiejie.

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