Kris Wu (吴亦凡) was recently spotted holding a mysterious girl’s hand while out on a date.

The photos of them out in public have since spread like wildfire on the internet. The Chinese hip-hop mogul may have crushed millions of female fans’ hearts but still many are happy that he’s in a relationship.

Source: Weibo

The former EXO member tried to remain low key by covering his head with a hat, but paparazzi were able to spot him from a afar. Both the entertainer and his rumoured beau wore matching all-black outfits while walking at a car park.


Since the images leaked, Kris’ representatives have yet to comment on the matter – neither confirming or denying the status of their supposed romance. Within hours though, netizens were able to dig some information about this mysterious woman.

Source: Weibo

Here are some fun facts about her:

  • Her name is Qinniu Zhengwei (秦牛正威), or Luna.
  • She’s a Chinese student pursuing her studies at the Beijing Film Academy.
  • Luna apparently has plans to debut as an actress.
  • Some say that she’s schoolmates with Chinese actors Leo Wu and Song Zu’er. Guan Xiaotong is reportedly her senior.
  • Luna was previously in a short-lived girl group Your Baby (你的宝贝).
  • She also starred in a tie-in phone commercial for “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略) as a palace maid.

More photos of her below:

Someone even leaked an alleged video chat between Luna and Kris. In the short clip, the Chinese beauty explained that she didn’t turn on the video option cause she wasn’t feeling beautiful. That confession made the singer laughed.

The conversation had taken place moments before Kris was scheduled to go on stage. The former K-pop star urged Luna to reply his texts before they said their goodbyes. Take a look at their cute exchange:

Congrats to the happy couple 😉

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