We should never underestimate the strength of star power. Jisoo (김제니) and Jennie (김지수) from BLACKPINK successfully demonstrated this when they introduced South Korea (and the world) to the Malaysian snack, Super Ring.

The pair, from arguably the biggest K-pop act at the moment, stopped by a local 7-11 store earlier this year when they held their concert here. The duo looked through the variety of our local snack that one could expect in any of our usual 7-11. But then they burst in utter ecstasy when they discovered the Oriental snack, Super Ring.

The reaction of the two was captured on camera, resulting in the local favourite snack going international. In a recent post by Twitter user @moonstarbyulie, the user shared a picture of the Super Rings being sold in South Korea for KRW 1,200 (RM4.30) per bag.

But this is not the first time the idols have come in contact with the snack. The girls stated they have tried the snack once before in Singapore and fell instantly in love with the product. So, if you Blinks out there are curious on what the reaction of the two were like, then check out the video posted below:

Speaking of which, we are currently craving of Super Ring ourselves 😉

Source: Mothership.

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