This week has been a tough one for K-pop boy band MONSTA X. Despite the fact that they just made their long-awaited comeback with their 7th mini-album, Monbebes (MONSTA X fans) were recently shocked with the sudden news of the departure of Wonho (원호).

And just when we thought all the drama were over, something else occured. In this case, Han Seohee (한서희) – who was involved in a controversy with iKON’s B.I in the past – recently came out with a post on her Instagram story saying that fellow member Shownu (셔누) was involved in an alleged scandal with a married woman.


The former YG Entertainment trainee revealed a screenshot of a conversation between her girlfriend Jung Daeun (정다은) and an unnamed individual who claimed that his wife had an affair with the 27-year-old idol.

However, when he attempted to take legal action against Shownu, he received a text message from MONSTA X’s home label Starship Entertainment. The agency pointed out that Shownu will not get involved in the case since he is not guilty. The text message reads:

“After confirming with Shownu, we learned that Shownu had no idea that ‘A’ (the woman) was married or even had a boyfriend. If he knew that ‘A’ had a boyfriend, he would never have become involved with her, and he has no more plans to see ‘A’ in the future. Shownu has never been in contact with ‘A’ since 10th September. He does not plan to contact ‘A’ for any reasons in the future, and also does not wish to become involved in your lawsuit against ‘A’ in any form. Please keep that in mind.” 

The anonymous man further added that he scheduled a meet-up with Starship to discuss the ongoing matter. However his attempt was reportedly unanswered by the entertainment agency.

As a response, Starship came up with a lengthy statement to to clarify the whole situation. Feel free to read their official statement here:

“Shownu was in contact with the woman in question prior to her marriage. The woman got married recently around August, but our agency confirmed that Shownu did not know at all because the woman did not tell Shownu (about her getting married).


“Her husband contacted the agency, so we met up with him and the whole story was clarified. After that, Shownu – who belatedly found out about her status – no longer keeps in touch with the woman. Shownu revealed he would not get involved in a married couple’s relationship, and a text was sent via our law firm to confirm his position.

Regardless of the situation, we apologise for causing emotional pain to the individuals involved as well as causing trouble to the fans. Furthermore, as an agency with the duty to protect our artistes, we ask for your understanding of the possibility that we may have to take legal action regarding excessive misunderstanding and speculation.”

Looks like everything’s a mess now. What’s next for MONSTA X after this?

Sources: AllKpop (1)(2).

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