“Suicide Squad” sequel director James Gunn gives his verdict on the Joker’s chances on appearing in the new movie.

Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney are reprising their roles in “The Suicide Squad”, while John Cena, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, and Pete Davidson are set to play new characters. Notable absentee however, is none other than Jared Leto, who played the Joker in the 2016 DC film.


While the Jared Leto’s rendition left much to be desired, especially when compared to the recent Joaquin Phoenix version, some of Leto hopefuls still wish the actor will reprise the role again to redeem himself.

So a fellow fan took to social media to asked the “Guardian Of The Galaxy” director about the absent star during a Q&A session that Gunn recently did on his Instagram.

The fan asked the director, “how can you justify a Suicide Squad movie, that does not have a Joker in it?”

Which prompted Gunn to give his response, “No one but me and a few others know all the characters in the movie, but if the Joker isn’t in the film, I don’t think it would be strange as he isn’t a part of the Suicide Squad in the comics.”

Couple the response with a post the director did last month that showcase the cast of his movie, Leto’s appearance very unlikely. But never say never though, as the way the director phrased his words certainly does leave room for the Joker’s return.

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If that is the case, then Joker’s role probably won’t be as significant as before.

Source: Complex. / Featured Image: Movie Web.

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