Calling all fast food lovers! There is a new McDonald’s Malaysia flash sale happening right now. From, 7th October to 16th October, McDonald’s is having a special promotion on some of your favourite meals, right at your door step with McDelivery.

Named the 10.10 flash sale, signifying the 10th of October, the meals on offer will have a whopping RM10 cut from their regular price if you order from McDelivery. Read below for more information regarding the deals on your favourite meals.

  1. 2 McChicken Set Meals for RM18 
Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

Get ready for trouble, and make it double, cause this deal might just help extend your reach to the stars above.


2. RM18 for 2 Set Meals of Fish-O-Fillet

Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

Dive into this incredible deal of 2 Fish-O-Fillet meals of only RM9 each, so grab a friend and share the deal together.

3. 2 x 6 piece Chicken McNuggets for RM18 

Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

It is said that Usain Bolt ate nothing but McNugget during the Beijing Olympics, so why not try it yourself, this time with a cheaper price.

4. Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for RM13 each

Source: McDonald’s MalaysiaRM13 each for a deal of RM26, will make any person’s mouth water. You can opt for both the deal and the meal.

5. 2 set of 3 piece Ayam Goreng McD for RM34 

Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

The fan favourite Ayam Goreng McD is also taking part with the sale, with 6 pieces to share with friends and family.

6. 2 Big Mac for RM23 

Source: McDonald’s

The McDonals staple will also be in the sale, with an incredible pair for RM23.

7. 3 piece Ayam Goreng McD Extra Spicy For RM34

Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

So what are you waiting for? Grab your app or log into the McDonald’s sign right now and explore the wonderful deals on offer, before the deals ends on the 16th October.

Please, be warn that the deals on offered will only be available on McDelivery only so don’t expect the same price when you walk in store. Furthermore, the deals will also be available in medium sizes only.

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