We’re sure everyone’s been wondering why the hashtag #BoycottMalaysia became a trending topic in Malaysia recently.

This happened after Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad gave his “controversial” statement when addressing the current Jammu and Kashmir conflict. In this case, Tun M suggested that “the problems (between the parties from India and Pakistan) must be solved by peaceful means.” 

Tun M’s statement has in turn received a number of negative reactions by most netizens from India who took offence to what he was saying in the speech. Most of them thought that the Pakatan Harapan minister was bias in leaning towards Pakistan instead of India.

They then took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction by creating the hashtag #BoycottMalaysia – urging all locals to not to support anything that is Malaysian-related, including travelling to our country. 


As of today, Tun M has not given any response in regards to the ongoing issue. For those who are curious, the speech was made during the United Nations General Assembly that was held recently.

Despite the issue, local keyboard warriors online have came forward to defend our PM. Most of them clapped back at the offended Indian citizens who slammed Tun M as well as Malaysia on Twitter. Take a look at their reactions below:

Why can’t everyone just get along?


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