Bookworms of the world unite, because the book store Popular is having their annual sale at 65 outlets. But to those that aren’t into books, fear not, as the annual clearance will also include their line of CD dramas, stationary, IT products and gadgets.

Being one of the largest bookstore chains in Malaysia, it quickly established itself as a go-to place for many students, parents and readers alike to find their favourite books and stationaries. The clearance will be available for 10 days straight, starting from 27th September till 6th October 2019.

Now onto the meat of the article, below are all the info you want to know about the clearance.


1. Rebate up to 90% + 65 participating outlets

Source: everydayonsale

Above is the location participating with the clearance and with it, rebates up to 90% for over 3 million of their products, and new stock added daily. This is simply a deal you should never miss out. The rebate is not only limited to their line of books however, as it also include their CD dramas, stationary, IT products and gadgets as well.

2. More Bang With Your Buck

Ever had the feeling that one is not enough? Now with the clearance sale you can purchase multiple English, Chinese or Malay books for the price of what you typically see for just one.

For selected English titles you could get 5 books for a price of ridiculously low of RM20. Likewise, selected Chinese books can be purchase at RM30 for 3. While, Malay books will be as low as RM5 each.

3. Buy 1 Free 1 Purchases

Looking for school textbooks, assessments books, papers, and school materials? Popular has got you covered, with an incredible buy 1 free 1 deal for text and assessment materials. With the materials itself being price as low as RM6.90 each, preparing for school has never been easier.


4. Buy to Buy Deals

Known for books but also great at their gadgets, the madness don’t stop as Popular also has their minimum purchase deals. Just spend a minimum of RM50 and you can get yourself a cool 10,000mAh power bank for just RM74.90 or a 32GB PenDrive for just RM19.90. In addition, just spend a minimum of RM80 and you can get yourself a stainless steel Tumbler worth RM108 for just RM35.

5. Freebies? Yes Please!

Ever want to sign-up or renew your Popular card? Now you have more reason to do so, with a 3-year privilege card, you could get yourself a ceramic knife for free. Or you can simply renew or apply for a 1-year privilege card for a Pilot’s gel pen for free. Alternatively, you can skip the queue and apply for it on the Popular app and redeem it later at the outlet.

6. More Promotion Below

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get to your nearest Popular store now before the products ends before the clearance do.

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