For the past 7 years, South Korean sensational boy group BTS (방탄소년단) has been pushing boundaries in their music career. In every comeback, the 7-member band would always come out with something fresh and different that manages to leave K-Pop fans wanting more.

We’ve always knew that ARMYs out there will put their extreme effort in coming out with their own theories and speculations on their favourite K-Pop act.


In this case, not only have they focused on the groups’ career aspects. But they’ve also put on their detective hats on what the members have been doing in their daily lives as well.

If you’ve been following their career, then you’ll probably wonder the real answer behind some of the unanswered mysteries surrounding BTS. Check out the full list here:


Back in February, rapper Suga unveiled the photo from a project he was working on in an audio editing program on the group’s Twitter account. The caption reads: “Time to sleep now #SUGA.”

If you look closely, you can see one of the tracks was entitled “BATTLEGROUND”. Fans then quickly speculated that the song might be related to BTS’ track for their April comeback – which was proved wrong when they came out with “Boy with Luv” instead. They then moved on to thinking that it might be used for his own solo comeback. Who knows?

2. Who hacked “BangtanTV”?


Last January, fans noticed a weird change in their popular YouTube channel “BangtanTV”. It was reported that the channel’s name as well as their verification badge had completely disappeared, and the description of the channel had changed to an advertisement for “IDOLiSH7: Vibrato” – an anime that isn’t related to BTS. Strange, huh?

Fans expressed their suspicion that the so-called “changes” was made in order to draw K-Pop followers’ attention to the TV show. Despite that, the hacker responsible for this has never been exposed and even Big Hit seemed unbothered by this issue. However, ARMYs should not be worried as “BangtanTV” is still alive and breathing.

3. What has Jimin been reading? 

In an interview with CNN in Jakarta, Indonesia, the multi-platinum group was asked to recommend some books for fans to read. Member Jimin’s answer was the best though. When he was asked about the topic, he responded by saying, “Books that I read should not be recommended”. Mm-hmm…

We wonder what exact genre of book that he actually opt for.

4. The “On-stage: Prologue” ending scene

The boy band released a special clip entitled “On-stage: Prologue” with a post-credits scene that was released 4 years ago. However, it’s understood that the scene is no longer available on YouTube.

According to Koreaboo, the video was “uploaded with the post-credits scene, then deleted, re-edited, and re-uploaded without the scene”. The truth behind the deleted scene remains an unsolved mystery that has left fans curious.

For those who are interested, you can compare both of the different versions here:

5. The infamous 97-liner’s chatroom name

We bet everyone knows that maknae Jungkook is good friends with many K-Pop members that’s born in the year 1997 including Seventeen’s Mingyu, DK and The8, GOT7’s Yugyeom and BamBam, and Cha Eunwoo to name a few. They even have a group chatroom together which is similar to our very own WhatsApp group.

In an episode of Mnet’s “M Countdown”, Jungkook was seen texting his 97-liner friends. He then spilled that the group’s chatroom name is kind of “bad”, as he would say. But the chatroom name as well as what the idols talked about in the group remains a secret.

6. “What is tasty in Busan?” – J-Hope

During a fan meet session held in Busan, J-Hope asked, “What (food) is tasty in Busan?” Local ARMYs started giving them a few suggestions of yummy treats that are popular in the particular area.

Here comes the interesting part. Jungkook started to whisper something to J-Hope afterwards – only to receive an overwhelming reaction from J-Hope. He then responded by saying “Jungkook’s weird”.

Curious fans wanted to know what was it about. The 25-year-old rapper replied by saying, “It’s a secret between both of us.” Meanwhile, the “Golden Maknae” was also seen whispering something to fellow member Jimin as well, which left him laughing and hit Jungkook in response.

The whole BTS fandom thought that the “thing” that they discussed might be something R-rated. Do you think so?

7. Suga’s laptop mystery

This image says it all. What do you think Suga has in his laptop that he kept from J-Hope as well as his fans?

8. V’s “private” conversation with Jungkook

If you’re curious on why V is excluded from this list, think again!

Jungkook was having a V-Live session to interact with ARMYs. Then V (real name Kim Taehyung) appeared in the video afterwards. To fans’ surprise, the video abruptly ended after V requested Jungkook to end the session because he demanded to have “private” conversation with him.

There you have it! ARMYs, we know you have a LOT more to add to the list. If you do, hit us up in the comments below.

Sources: Koreaboo, AminoApps.

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