Despite their separation, it’s good to see that both Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz are still maintaining a close friendship with each other.

Additionally, the 23-year-old singer who is now known as an actress also revealed that she’s finally forgiven her ex-husband. She further added that she doesn’t want to prolong the issue between them.

Source: Instagram

Recently, a twitter user known as @EBatrishiaa shared a snippet of Bella’s Instagram live session online. In the 56-seconds clip, the “Cinta Belum Tamat Tempoh” star and also Aliff were seen singing “Almost Is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes together.


The couple’s friendly interactions have received significant amount of reaction among local keyboard warriors, with most of them leaving harsh comments towards both Bella and Alif.

Some even labelled her as an ‘idiot’ as well as ‘attention seeker’ for her willingness to keep in touch with her former husband. Check out the video and also some of the netizens’ reactions here:

As a response to the backlash, Bella released a statement on her Instagram story. Her lengthy post reads:


“I have the right to do anything I want on my Instagram account. Those who talked about me being hungry for glamour and stuffs – it’s their rights to do so. The most important thing is that I know my intention. Some people assumed that just because we’re divorced, we have to avoid from each other and become enemies. But sorry, I’m not like that.

“And excuse me, no one seeks to get married only to end up separating. Divorce is painful but that’s the reality we have to accept. In my case, we have a son, Ayden. He still needs his father. I really hope that you won’t be too old-fashion. We’re still keeping a good relationship for the sake of our child. We don’t know about the future yet. Life, death, separation – all of them are not in our control. It’s better for us to self-reflect, improve ourselves rather than focusing on things that won’t benefit us,” Bella wrote on her post.

For those who might not know, the couple got divorced on 16th May 2019 after the Singaporean actor was caught red handed in a series of scandalous relationships with a number of women.

Sources: mStar, BeautifulNara.

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