“Hustlers” have been receiving a ton of positive reviews – particularly from the Toronto International Film Festival – since its debut.

Based on a true story by Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine article titled, “The Hustlers at Scores”, many movie-goers have also been anticipating to see the Hollywood A-list female cast in action. Lead actress Jennifer Lopez has also been getting Oscar buzz for her role as Ramona.


“Hustlers” was supposed to premiere in Malaysian cinemas this week. Sadly, the movie has been banned by the LPF (Film Censorship Board of Malaysia) at the 11th hour. This came after local distributor TGV Pictures said that “Hustlers” was “postponed due to technical issues”.

We later received word that “Hustlers is not sanctioned to release in Malaysia by the censor board”. TGV also apologises for the inconvenience caused after contest winners were notified just hours before the screening time.

If anything, this has only made people more curious to check out “Hustlers”. We won’t be surprise if many end up resorting to illegal streaming via torrent or other online sites. To quote Lowyat, “it’s reality of our current climate, if people want to watch something, they can and they will“.

Way to go, LPF!

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