Red Velvet member Irene (아이린) recently proved to K-Pop fans why she’s one of the most popular female idols.

The 28-year-old finally opened her personal Instagram account using the name @renebaebae – following the footsteps of fellow members Yeri, Seulgi and also Joy.


Red Velvet fans worldwide celebrated her debut on Instagram by leaving positive words in the comments section. However, not long after posting her one and only update, fans pointed out that her account has been missing – much to the dismay of everyone.

It’s believed that the account was flagged and removed due to the fact that Irene’s account gained too much followers in such a short time.

As of writing, her Instagram is still nowhere to be found. The only accounts visible are only a number of fake @renebaebae Instagrams everywhere, taking advantage of the current situation. K-Fans worldwide are hoping that Instagram would be able to find a solution for this matter.

Fingers crossed that Irene will get her Instagram account soon!


Yay! As of today (Sunday, 22nd September), The Red Velvet member’s account has been recovered and it’s finally back on track.

Apparently ReveLuvs’ wish to see her back online have come true. Do make sure to give her a follow okay. 😉

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