Several news reports recently claimed that BTS member Jungkook (정국) is currently in a relationship with tattooist Lee Mijoo (이미주), who works at a store called “T” Tattoo Shop.

As a response to the news, both Jungkook’s home label – Big Hit Entertainment – as well as Mijoo herself came out with their own statements in order to shut down all the false reports. The latter clarified that they’re just good friends and are not romantically involved as reported by local news outlets.

Source: Koreaboo

However, before they even got the chance to clarify the whole situation, the manager of the tattoo shop has stepped in to address the whole situation first. The statement of the manager is read as follows:


“Both Jungkook and Lee Mijoo know each other personally, but a lot of celebrities come to our shop. Rumour has it that Jungkook and Lee Mijoo have couple tattoos. It’s 100% untrue. I can put everything on the line and say that the news is not true.”

Source: Koreaboo

His statement was met with massive backlash from ARMYs as well as netizens. Not long after that, the manager further claimed that he’s in danger of getting fired after spilling the tea about the scandal.

“I’m in danger of getting fired just because I said Jungkook didn’t get his tattoo done here, I’m getting a lot of messages through my personal social media accounts. I don’t understand why am I getting cursed at,” he said. 

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As a response to the manager’s statement, the owner of “T” Tattoo Shop also addressed the ongoing issue. In this case, he insisted that Jungkook is friends with all of the staff members, including Lee Mijoo.

“The manager barely knows anything. I fully understand that Jungkook’s side (Big Hit) has released the official statement. But rest assured that we’re all friends.”

Additionally, he revealed that he will terminate the manager’s service as a result of the controversy he caused, “I think we will be switching managers soon. I’m going to let him go today.”

Source: AllKpop

It seems like the whole situation is getting out of hand. What’s next?

Source: Koreaboo.

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