Can you believe that it’s been 14 years since Andy Lau (刘德华)’s last concert in Malaysia?

The 57-year-old Heaven King (he turns 58 on 27th September) addressed his long absence when he kicked off his “My Love World Tour” 3-day shows in Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on Friday (13th September).


The Hong Kong heartthrob joked that his 2005 concert, which took place at Stadium Merdeka, didn’t perform so well in terms of ticket sales. Thus, the hesitance. The original plan was to have 2 shows for his Malaysian pitstop this year. But due to the demand from fans, a 3rd date was added. Only another Heaven King – Jacky Cheung – has successfully pull off a 3-day concert here.

Of course, he’s been spotted in Malaysia before but a concert has been long overdue. “I love Malaysia, since it’s my second home, and it’s always great to sing in Kuala Lumpur, for here’s some of my strongest fans,” said Lau, whose wife Carol Chu (朱丽倩) is a Malaysian herself. Despite the horrendous jam that night, fans turned up in droves to see their favourite idol in person.

The lights dimmed and Lau kicked off the concert in style with “Conspire” and “Chinese”. He was dressed in a white traditional Zhongshan costume and continued serving us different looks throughout the night. At one point, he even took off his coat to show off his drumming skills on 360-degree rotating stage.

The biggest surprise of the night came when Lau was suspended in mid-air while standing on a small platform. While singing “If One Day”, the superstar was able to get in close proximation with concert-goers in the upper tier. This was a special treat for fans to get a better look at the singer instead of relying on the screens.

Since it was Mid Autumn Festival, Lau also brought some nostalgia to the concert venue by asking everyone to join in on the well-loved Mandarin classic “The Moon Represents My Heart”. Although this song has been included in numerous Chinese concerts, it never seems to get old.

Through the night, we lost count on the number of times the entertainer called himself “Leng Chai” (靓仔), which translates to handsome. Lau admits that he’s no longer youthful but still likes being referred to as Mr Handsome. Many fans also found it cute that whenever he wanted to elicit screams from the crowd, he would cheekily place his hand towards his ear and wait for the loud cheers to follow.


Works every time.

Andy Lau “My Love World Tour” concert setlist:

1.预谋 (“Conspire”)
2.中国人 (“Chinese”)
3.笨小孩 (“Stupid Kid”)
4.谢谢你的爱 (“Thank You For Your Love”)
5. 独自去偷欢 (“Self Happy”)
6.如果有一天 (“If One Day”)
7.假装 (“Pretend”)
8.冰雨 (“Ice Rain”)
9.爱你一万年 (“Ageless Love”)
10.暗里着迷 (“Affection”)
11.联系 (“Practice”)
12.十七岁 (“17”)
13.你是我的梦 (“You Are My Dream”)
14.男人哭吧不是罪 (“Crying Man”)
15.你是我的女人 (“You Are My Woman”)
15a.月亮代表我的心 (“The Moon Represents My Heart”)
16. “My Love”
17.今天 (“Today”)
19.一起走过的日子 (“Two For The Road”)
20.情深的一句 (“Message”)
21.如果我有事 (“If I Have Problem”)
22.真永远 (“Eternity”)

Take a look at more concert photos courtesy of Focus Entertainment:

Andy Lau

Andy Lau

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