Recently, we were surprised to hear about our Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah deactivating her Twitter account.

We believe everyone already knows that Raja Permaisuri Agong has often been very active sharing her everyday activities through her account – @cheaminahsayang. Her decision to quit Twitter has received widespread reactions by many people.

Source: VOCKET

It was rumoured that the real reason of her departure from Twitter is due to some foul-mouthed Twitter trolls who actually took time to be unkind towards the Queen online using their own personal accounts.


And thanks to eagle-eyed netizens’ quick actions. 4 of the suspected trolls have been exposed online via @an_msaiful ‘s Twitter account. For those who are curious, here are the picture of all the culprits.

As of writing, both Firdaus Asraf as well as Khalid Ismath have came out with their official statement of apology towards the Royal Queen. Meanwhile, Anis Khalidi appeared to have deactivated her account while Rais Razak is currently seen still active on his social media account.

As a response to the issue, Raja Permaisuri Agong appeared to have reactivated her Twiiter account. In her latest update, Tunku Azizah assured everyone about the real situation – denying all the allegations of her taking time off Twitter due to the malicious comments. Instead, the Queen cited that she’s quit Twitter for “personal reasons”.


Additionally, she also expressed her disappointment upon hearing the news about the arrest of the supposed individuals who have allegedly left malicious remarks towards her and also the other Royal family members.

According to Tunku Azizah, even though both Agong and herself have received tons of hate comments and backlash, they’d never referred the cases to the police. She further added that they only knew about the ongoing issue through their daughter, Tengku Puteri Afzan.

The internet community were happy to hear that Raja Permaisuri Agong has made her comeback on Twitter. However, their excitement didn’t last long as the account was deactivated again after a few hours.

We believe Raja Permaisuri Agong has her own reasons on carrying out the action. As Malaysians, we should respect our Ruler’s decisions.

Source: VOCKET.

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