After rumours surfaced last month that Fish Leong (梁靜茹) and her hubby of 9 years Tony Chao had separated, the Malaysian singer has officially confirmed the news.

Over the weekend, the 41-year-old performer admitted that she and the Taiwanese wine merchant were no longer together after her show in Taipei.

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Thanks everyone for your support,” Leong told the media backstage. “I’ll confirm what everyone is thinking. I have signed the divorce papers with Mr Chao, but there are still some procedures that haven’t been completed yet. We were already separated since August, and we will be sharing the custody of our child.” The couple have a 5-year-old son named Anderson.


I still need to soak all of this in. My parents have been spending time with me,” she added. When journos started to probe deeper, asking if a third party was involved, the singer lowered her head and remained silent. Her manager then stepped in and ended the interview session, saying, “This thing has been going on for quite some time already. She is an adult and knows how to handle this.”

Leong, 41, and Chao, 44 went on a vacay to Maldives earlier this year to celebrate their 9th year anniversary. Sadly things didn’t turned out okay. While there were rumours that the Taiwanese business had a fling with a female Internet celebrity some time back, it was believed that Leong has already forgiven him.

What’s puzzling is that netizens on Weibo seem to think that the falling out between the former flames may be due to Chao’s sexuality. Is he a closeted gay? Netizens think that may be a reason for the divorce. Readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt though.

Fish Leong
Source: Sin Chew

According to Today Online, the divorce and failed marriage have affected Leong so badly that she’s been crying daily for the past few months.

The recent press conference marked the first time she’s publicly addressed the breakup.

Sources: Sin Chew, Today Online, Asia One.

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