Anyone here familiar with “Drama Spontan”? For those who are curious, “Drama Spontan” is a series of short videos on YouTube. The series have garnered a large fan base due to their humorous jokes and deep meaning in the videos’ message.

Recently, fans of the series were surprised by the news about the conflict between content creators, Syahmi Sazli and Asif Suhaimi, one of the familiar face for the video. The issue between the two might result in the latter possibly not appearing in any future “Drama Spontan” projects.

Source: Khalifah Media

Syahmi revealed via his Instastory that there is an inclusion of a 3rd party claiming that she is the “caretaker” of the autism child, which caused a strained relationship between them.


Additionally, the “caretaker” allegedly expressed her dissatisfaction regarding the payment Asif received upon participating in the project. According to Syahmi, Asif was reportedly not happy with the payment despite the fact that Syahmi was the one who was willing to give financial assistance to Asif and his family.

Source: Instagram Story

As a respond to that, the “caretaker” – which was later revealed as Asif’s sister – took to Asif’s Instastory to clarify the whole situation. According to Siti Nur Atina Suhaimi, what exactly happened is not like what Syahmi had claimed online. She further added that there were still some payment owed by Syahmi.

She also claimed that she has no intention of taking Asif’s money away from him as well as using his popularity online in order to promote her business. She admitted to asking for Asif’s favour once, but she reassured that she managed to pay back the money.

Source: Instagram Story

However, it was later revealed by Siti Nur Atina that the conflict between both Syahmi and Asif was a result of misunderstanding. The 30-year-old claimed that she wanted to stand up for her younger brother’s rights.

In an interview with mStar, she explained the whole situation, “I was informed by my father that Asif has yet to receive any payment from Syahmi. That’s the only info I got from him. Logically, Asif is currently under my father’s responsibility, so he knows better about my brother’s income.”

“My father admitted that Asif received RM200 from Syahmi. The money was then given to my father for his savings. I don’t have to tell you more regarding where did the money go. Then I realised that my father’s the one responsible for twisting the story. All of the misunderstandings were caused by him,” she added.

Source: mStar, Instagram Story

Siti Nur Atina then took the initiative to apologise to both Syahmi as well as his wife, Anissa Faizul – or Nissa in short – for the trouble caused by her as well as Asif’s family.

As of writing (Tuesday, 3rd September 2019), the issue between the two has been officially resolved. In Syahmi’s latest Instastory post, he clarified that “no one is at fault, it’s just a misunderstanding involving a ‘two-faced’ person“.


Sources: VOCKET, mStar.

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