After receiving popular demand by local fans, Uniqlo Malaysia finally announced that they will restock their Uniqlo x KAWS summer collection. The collab project was officially available in-stores as of Friday (30th August 2019). For those who might not know, the collection already made its debut in June this year.

However, some fans took it a little too hard when the good news came out. A video online went viral showing a Uniqlo outlet in IOI mall was flooded by a swarm of customers who were waiting to grab their hands on the limited edition T-Shirts.

Based on the clip, we can see that the crowd was already rushing into the outlet, even before the gate was opened. As soon as the store officially opened, the crowd started to forced their way in and continued raiding the shelves. Additionally, screams could be heard as fans rioted to not missed out on the chance to purchase the items.

On top of that, the video also showed a scene where a man climbed onto the rack and pulled of as many tees as possible, only to receive several backlash from the crowd as well as netizens online.

Based on a report by WoB, the restocked Uniqlo X KAWS limited edition tees were sold out in just 2 minutes. However, the aftermath of the chaos was beyond expectations. Everything went flying as soon as customers made their exit, ranging from signs, cloth hangers and also rubbish. Even a shoe was left at the scene, showing how chaotic the atmosphere was.

Sources: World of Buzz, YouTube

The person who uploaded the video – known as Sammicci – then posted a full video on YouTube. In the 8-minute video the netizen also mentioned that many people tend to re-sell the T-shirts after purchasing them in-store, often for a double price.

And we couldn’t agree more. We took a look at the Carousell site and found that some people are already re-selling the exclusive tees for as much as RM120! Keep in mind that the original selling price for a piece of the T-shirt is only RM59.90.

To get the full scope on the chaotic mess caused by the customers, check out his full video below:



Did you managed to snag the limited edition tee?

Source: VOCKET.

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