Malaysian actress Janna Nick caused quite a stir among the Internet community, all thanks to her recent picture she posted on her Instagram account.

The 24-year-old actress/TV host was pictured striking off her pose in front of a Toyota Yaris mobile. Many fans expressed their opinion that as a public figure, Janna’s pose in the picture was deemed too inappropriate, even though she’s not wearing any scantily clad clothing.

Source: Instagram

Additionally, Janna (real name Nurul Jannah Muner) was called out by some eagle-eyed netizens who expressed their disappointment over her recent look – she’s often spotted wearing tight clothes that showed off her body parts, especially her booty.


The comment section has been flooded with mixed reaction by her followers. While some praise her for her natural looks, while others – most of them were male – left sexually suggestive comments on the post. On top of that, one fan also pointed out that the picture reflected Janna’s bad image of a Muslim and prayed that she can change.

Check out their comments below:

Source: Instagram

Prior to this, she was criticised by cybernauts for attending and giving motivational talks wearing a pair of jeans with a white shirt, which was considered not suitable for occasions like that.

But rest assured that most of her fans and followers have no intention of bashing her. They did so as a sign of showing their love and care for their idol. Some feel that she has every right to express her sexiness the way she likes.

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Saya tak pernah rasa CUKUP bukan bermakna saya tak BERSYUKUR❤️❤️❤️ @cosmopolitanmy

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