The internet went crazy after knowing about actress Aishah Azman calling off her engagement with former child actor Syafie Naswip.

On top of that it was reported that the 23-year-old actress has filed a police report late last month after she was allegedly beaten and threatened by the “Mukhsin” actor.

Source: Berita Harian Online

The feud between the two sparked when Aishah asked Syafie to break his relationship with a supposed “boyfriend”. As a result, the 28-year old actor was arrested by the police to help with investigation.


After the news came out, most netizens were empathetic towards Aishah, in addition to some who bashed Syafie for his erratic behaviour, including Aishah’s elder brother, actor Afiq Muiz.


On his instagram account, Afiq posted a picture of him with his little sister along with a caption that many think may refer to the ongoing case between Aishah and Syafie.

Even though he didn’t specifically mentioned the name of the guy who inflicted bruises on his sister, fans have already speculated on whom does the 28-year old actor and model is referring to.

Source: Afiq Muiz’s instagram

One of the highlights in this post is the use of word “dua alam (gay)in his caption, which might give evident reference to his sister’s ex-fiancé. Afiq’s caption can be taken as a warning sign towards Syafie.

Both Afiq and Syafie have yet to give any statement to address this issue, while Aishah is still in the midst of recovering after the whole case.

Source: Awani.

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