The cat lover who brought us the first cat cafe in Malaysia in 2012 is now giving us the world’s first selfie sensory playground with cats, aptly called the C-A-T Playground.

Launched recently in Sunway Putra Mall, the feline playhouse is designed to not only provide a space for people to chill with cats, but also provide functionality in the development of children in the area of motor skills and sensory integration.


“We realised the need for a cat therapy place. C-A-T Playground can help children in their development, bring families together, keep the younger ones happy, and also taking care of cats,” said Dr. Khew, founder of C-A-T Playground.

The space features a colourful dessert theme with adorable couches, swings and slides shaped like cakes and donuts – perfect for those who loves taking selfies!

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People are coming here today to play with our 3 new cats and also the previous one. Cats can be our best friend. A furry little friend to be loved can be an effective remedies for people having autism. According to the website of the 'purrington post', "As it turns out, the same attributes that even the most able bodied and minded individual love and grow from pet ownership are the very same attributes that help alleviate some of the strain of autism and teach coping mechanisms to the sufferer." It is further mentioned that, "The magic of having a cat in the life of an autistic individual is that the spectrum disappears. It is a world where the ticks, the outbursts, the fear, the frustration, and the hardships associated with autism disappear." #SunwayPutraMall #KlCatPlayground #AnimalsForYoung #CatAssistedTherapy #CatsInMalaysia #CatsLover #Autism #AnimalTherapy #Playtime #CatsDaily #AplusFor Autism #CatsInstagram #pet #kids

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Cat owners can also bring along their feline friends to the playground to have some fun time playing with the many variety of cat toys from world renowned cat brand, Catit. There are also different selfie props for cats.

It’s okay if you do not own a cat, you can still come to the playground as it houses 10 cats which visitors can play and interact with. All the cats at C-A-T Playground are rescue animals that have been properly taken care of at the playground.

At only RM15 per entry, visitors can have an hour of unique and fun experience at C-A-T Playground which is able to fit around 20 to 30 people

The area is also available for those who want a different experience for their birthday or any unique celebration.


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