Say it ain’t so! The worst possible news seem to have hit WANNABLES and WIN:Ds today.

Fans of the ex Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan (김재환) were furious when the shocking news broke just 30 minutes before the K-pop star’s show in Stadium Malawati.

According to the staff of Macpie Pro, the management failed to secure a permit for the fanmeeting and therefore had to cancel the entire gig.

Fans who had already arrived at the venue – and were already one door away from entering the stadium – were in an understandable fit. After all, this is taking “last-minute cancelling” to a whole new level!

Fans on Twitter seem to have come up with a rather bone-chilling theory as well…

Kpop fans are not one to forget, especially after the disaster that struck ONCEs on 28 July 2018 when super girl group TWICE’s concert had to be cancelled a day before their debut show in Malaysia. What’s even more interesting is that it was supposed to be held at the exact same venue! Pretty spooky, right?!

What do you guys think? Shoddy management or perhaps is something else beyond our control behind the reason for this? Either way, fans are at the ultimate loss here so we hope that they’re doing okay during this trying time 🙁


Some of the fans have notified us that the cancellation was announced at 6:20pm, which was 20 minutes after the event was supposed to start.

Despite a ton of angry reactions, several netizens have defended MacpiePro. “I hope this issue can be clear up soon. I mean, you guys have been handling so much events successfully. I know the fans are frustrated but let’s not blame the organiser etc. There must be something that lead to this since Macpie did very well previously. Himnae fans. Himnae everyone,” wrote Asyilah Azman.

Haris Nazarulasma commented, “I dont think we can blame 100% on the organiser. I mean MacpiePro has been organising Kpop concerts for quite some time now and all of them were super organised. Maybe MBSA delayed to approve their permit? Because i believe MacpiePro has sent the permit to be approved a long time ago. I mean, which organiser wants their event to be cancelled? Right?

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