If there’s one thing followers know about Alicia Amin, it’s that she isn’t afraid to call people out.

So when an Instagram user criticised the queer community and included the 24-year-old model in the conversation, she didn’t hesitate to call him out on his “ignorance”.

Source: CittaBella

The disagreement came about when the Malaysian commented on an old post (dated back to 9th February) about an interview conducted by Harshvardhan Shah for V Magazine. The netizen accused the singer of pulling the LGBTQ pity card and asked, “How long are queers gonna seek attention by acting like they are oppressed 24/7?”


He also used Alicia as an example, who has participate in nude photoshoots in the past. The “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum did not appreciate being name drop by him. “Although I have the balls to take my clothes off, women still get raped and slut shamed for wearing more clothing,” she wrote.

Alicia continued, ” Just because SOME of us are lucky enough to be liberal in this country doesn’t mean there aren’t others suffering for being different. We don’t stop fighting just because ‘some’ of us have it easy“, before issuing a warning, “don’t you dare drag my name into (it)“.

Similarly, when Cosmopolitan announced that Alicia has been invited to talk about mental health on 3rd August for the “Fun Fearless Life” event, someone brought up the actress’ privileges.

The person felt that it was ironic to ask someone “from a luxurious and fancy upbringing” to discuss on the issue concerning life struggles. Alicia defended herself saying, “My privilege only makes it easier to access treatment“.

Anyone can suffer from depression or any other mental illness. Your position or privilege doesn’t make your illness invalid,” she added.

If you recall, Alicia announced that she was going to quit social media 5 months ago after hitting a virtual break wall. You can read about it here.

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