2019 isn’t looking too good for Alicia Amin.

The “Asia’s Next Top Model” took to Instagram yesterday (Monday, 25th February) to notify her 174k followers of her current predicament. She posted 9 blank images in grey with the centre piece titled, “I can’t pour from an empty cup”.

Source: Instagram

In her lengthy post, she expressed that social media is no longer a positive space for her to dwell on any longer. As a result, she feels like a toxic cleanse is necessary in order to find herself again. Check out:


I have always done my best to stay truthful, real and transparent in this digital age. This is not limited to my achievements and success. I have shown when I am frustrated, I have expressed many unpopular opinions and stood by them.

Lately I’ve been feeling uninspired. I don’t chase relevance by jumping on trends, I do my best to create things from my soul and there is a drought in my soul. Some of you who have been supporting me for a while have noticed my withdrawal and disappointing effort to stay on social media.”

Source: Instagram

Staying true to my values, I would like to let you guys know that I am taking some time off of social media. I thank my @nike Malaysia family and @gopromysg family for understanding my inability to participate. I wanna send my love to my supporters who have checked in on me,” she added.

For those wondering when she plans to return to social media, the “Alamatnya Cinta” actress revealed, “I am not sure if I will be away a week or a month, but I promise I will only return when I have special things made with endless love, grown from breathtaking stories and ready to share. Trust the creative process“.



Last November, she announced that she was done with Twitter. She returned briefly on 28th January but hasn’t tweeted since.

Take all the time you need Alicia 😉

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