Folks, hold on to your Farrah Fawcett hairspray and boxes of Eggos! It seems like there was something a-lurking in the Resorts World Genting last weekend… and it’s not anything pretty!

For the annual Good Vibes Festival (GVF), Netflix Malaysia decided to spice things up a little bit this time around.


#StrangerVibes featured a special installation of iconic scenes from Stranger Things for fans to observe and even take photos during key scenes. With a total of 5 recreated sets, the backdrops are ideally designed to bring GVF attendees back to Hawkins with our favourite characters!

So, what did Hawkins Highlands look like? Look no further, folks! Here’s a list of all the sets available at the “Stranger Things” exhibition.

1. The Byers’ Living Room (Stranger Things 1)

The main attraction of the installation was none other than the iconic Byers’ Living Room. The simultaneously heart-warming yet hair-raising scene of Joyce Byers communicating with her son through Christmas lights, only to learn that she was in grave danger, is still etched in our minds!

Fans lined up for hours, waiting for their turn to experience the magic of the moment.

P/S: There was also a bonus before entering the room! Wallpapered just like the Byers’ home, the Stranger Wall featured photos of all the characters in scenes from Season 1.

2. Palace Arcade (Stranger Things 2)


Who could forget the arcade, where Mad Max made her debut by absolutely crushing it in Dig Dug?

This installation was not only complete with bright colours of the 80’s, but also featured nostalgic arcade games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, and even Stranger Things the Game! GVF attendees waited impatiently in line to get their try at beating the high scores to win exclusive prizes, channeling their inner Mad Max as they smashed the buttons on the game machines.

3. A visit from the Demogorgon (Stranger Things 1)

Don’t be too scared, this Demogorgon doesn’t bite! The talented cosplayer, Saakira Izumi, made a return with the handmade costume of the terrifying creature of season 1.

While the Demogorgon did promise not to eat anyone, it did look demogorgeous posing next to everyone for the camera!

4. Bicycles by Hawkins (Stranger Things 1)

The looming dread from the poster of Season 1 was the driving force for many to binge the series. Now complete with a “Highlands” touch, fans could pose with their own Stranger Squad to look like they’re about to pedal their way to save Hawkins from the Mind Flayer!

5. KL Skyline in the Upside Down (Stranger Things 3)

Speaking of posters, the gorgeous fireworks scene from Season 3’s poster was what caught all our eyes this year! However, with a closer look, you’d see that the scene is actually the KL skyline that is receiving a Hawkins touch!

Recreated with similar colours, the poster’s detail is what makes it truly extraordinary. Also, doesn’t Kuala Lumpur look good, even in the Upside Down?

6. Fan Art by Malaysian and Global Artists

Lyn Hui, a Penang born and raised artist rose to fame with her illustrations of “Stranger Things” catching the attention of many, including Finn Wolfhard himself! With her own take on the season, her illustrations were chosen to lead the Stranger Things Fan Wall, along with several other artists from Malaysia and worldwide.

Lyn Hui’s drawings were even turned into temporary tattoos, stickers on GIPHY, and enamel pins for fans to collect!

BONUS: Starcourt Mall

Of course, the cherry on top of the cake came at night. Once the bright skies of The Ranch in Genting finally turned dark, that was when the true horrors of the night came to be.

Complete with ominous mist, we see the Mind Flayer in all of its’ terrifying glory waiting to strike on the roof of Starcourt Mall. Guess it’s time to pull a Nancy and shotgun (pun intended!) the nearest vehicle in sight….

Were you in the Highlands during the past weekend? If so, did you get lost in halls of Starcourt Mall? Which was your favourite set out of everything; the enticing arcade with games of nostalgia or the comfy yet unsettling Byers’ living room? Or was it a hug from the Demogorgon? Let us know in the comments below!

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