‘Tis the season to be smelly – and jolly, at least for the durian lovers cause there are so many durian-themed products in the market right now!

We have durian chocolate drink and durian milk tea by Tealive, there’s a Musang King durian burger in Penang, McDonald’s durian Mcflurry is back, and more!


Now, behold Cadbury’s durian-flavoured chocolate milk bar which is made especially for the Malaysian market (aww, how sweet!). “Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates the flavour of Malaysia, with it’s new limited edition Durian flavour,” reads the description.

The durian-flavoured chocolate product is available for purchase on Shopee for RM17 for 2 pieces. Malaysians can also purchase the chocolate bar at local super market or convenience stores.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Durian is the 2nd localised flavour after Cadbury Dairy Milk Kopi C which pays homage to Malaysians’ love for traditional coffee shops, known as the kopitiam.

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