One of Hong Kong’s favourite on-screen couples is rumoured to be dating in real life. Not only that, they may even get married this year.

Since yesterday, Weibo went wild when rumours that Hong Kong actor Louis Koo (古天樂) may marry his best friend Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) – gone viral on social media.

The news was reported by Hong Kong media who revealed that Koo had purchased a yacht in June that will be used for his wedding later this year. And the rumoured partner is none other than his longtime friend and colleague, Hsuan.

Many fans are super excited about the news and most of them are completely rooting for the pair, noting that the duo suits each other.

It is understandable why the rumour would excite fans so much, seeing that Koo and Hsuan frequently collaborate in films and dramas, and most of the time, they would portray a couple.

Some of their works together include “Man’s Best Friend” (寵物情緣), “Detective Investigation Files IV” (刑事偵緝檔案IV), “A Step Into The Past” (尋秦記), and more.


The rumour seems to be more evident when fans began to dig up for every single clue that they can find. Examples include the time when Koo sent Hsuan a bouquet of flowers for her stage play, “Big Resign Day” (大辭職日), or when both of them used the same baby filter, plus the fact that Hsuan is being managed by Louis’ company, Sky High Entertainment.

Nevertheless, new updates have revealed that the rumours are false as Singaporean media has contacted Koo’s Hong Kong manager who was quoted saying, “Of course not. Anything can be speculated on social media. This is not true.”

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