TGIF everyone! Don’t let those work woes bring you down; the weekend is almost here. What better way to let your hair down than to treat yourself to a nice meal (and maybe) have a few cocktails?

Knowhere seems to be the place to be for that! Located in the center of the dazzling nightlife, Bangsar – the sleek bar-restaurant is not to be missed.

Upon entering, the two things that will greet you are the gorgeous interior and the bed of fairy lights illuminating the place with a pale, golden glow. The ebony furniture adds to the romantic mood, making it feel ideal for a date night.


From their dark design to their fluttering fairy lights; Knowhere feels a little like walking into a dream.

But what’s cooking on the menu?!

Fret not, as we at Hype are here to show you what’s good should you ever find yourself whisked into the middle of Knowhere.

1. Perfecto pastas!

You won’t be feeling regretti over this spaghetti, folks! Knowhere’s special Malaysian twist to their pastas is what makes them so irresistibly good (and which is why we’re adding extra hours at the gym!).

Their Sambal Smoked Salmon pasta got us falling head over heels for the combo! The creaminess of the salmon goes so well with that pasta, but it’s in the familiarity of Malaysian sambal that drives us crazy for more. However, if you don’t handle spice all that well, don’t worry! There still are options for you.


Say hello to this behemoth of a dish! Their Prawn Aglio Olio pasta comes with massive tiger prawns (as pictured!) as well as the humble combo of garlic, olive oil, and spaghetti. The prawns are succulent and juicy, giving you the perfect balance when paired with the simplicity of aglio olio.

2. Pizzas with some pizzaz 

My, my, my, would you look at that beauty! Can’t have pasta without its Italian counterpart, can we? We stumbled upon a neat trick that off the menu and figured to share it with you guys here too. A speciality that Knowhere offers is that customers can actually order a half-and-half for their pizzas! What better way to get the best of both worlds, eh? We decided to go for the crowd favourite; Duck Confit and Italian Mutton Curry! 

But that’s not all…

Knowhere’s ideas know no boundaries when it comes to creativity, which is evident in this next dish; Nang Nak Knowhere, which is a pizza topped with jackfruit. With banana leather used to balance out the sweetness, this combo is a curious one for food adventurers! Though we must say, the vibrant colours of this dish alone got us watering at the mouth…

3. Winging it with Chicken Wings

Several wise men (Wanna One) once said, “Wing wing wing”, in their famous title track, “Boomerang”. We believe it was said in regards to this dish, Flightless Wings. 

Take a look at that gloriously sauced beauty! Try not to gobble up your screens, folks, we know this is a trying time. We’d recommend you to get down and dirty with your hands while enjoying this delectable dish!

4. Duck, duck, and no goose

One thing Knowhere does brilliantly is their choice of meats. With various choices to pick from (chicken, beef, duck, mutton) we have to say that their winner is none other than duck itself. We already were riding the high after finishing the pizza, but this dish just brings us right back to paradise.

Their Fume Duck features smoked duck breast with a side of seared vegetables and mash. For duck lovers, this dish is a definite must-order. Just look at that finish! We can assure you that it tastes just as good as it looks, and if not, better.

5. Seafood? All I see is food!

Sharing is caring, especially with this Sharing Seafood Platter. What better way to catch up with friends and family than to dish out the latest gossip while nibbling on the fresh catch of the day? We especially enjoyed the fresh taste of the grilled calamari!

6. Winner winner, chicken dinner

Nothing says a meal like a Whole Roasted Chicken Leg, eh? If you’re feeling particularly hungry and a craving for flesh—er, chicken flesh that is—then perhaps then this dish would hit the spot! The serving size is quite large though, so we don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

7. Cat got your tongue?

Diving into the more exotic offerings of Knowhere, we are presented with the Lime Cured Beef Tongue.  We found out that the process of making this dish actually takes up a few days! The things chefs do to make sure the flavour is intact for us, huh?

If you’re up for trying something new (or just happen to be a fan of tongue ?) the zetsy flavours might be just what you’re looking for.

8. A Royale with Cheese

Did you know that they call a Quarter Pounder in France a ‘Royale with cheese’? We’re as befuddled as Samuel L. Jackson was in “Pulp Fiction!” This however, is an Un-Quarter Pounder and it’s a big, delicious house-made patty of beef served with mushrooms, gherkins, arugula, and is served with soubise sauce. And of course, all of this comes with the staple of hot crispy fries on the side. Talk about yum!

Final verdict?

Knowhere Bangsar proves to be the perfect little hideout from the stress of your daily life. Within its intimate walls and dreamy lighting, the place offers delicious delights that will keep both your tummy and soul happy for the night. With gastronomical wonders for the adventurous and those who play it safe; Knowhere Bangsar does it all.

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