The first official trailer of “Frozen 2” is finally out but many fans complained that the trailer is pretty much the extended version of the teaser which doesn’t revealed much information about the sequel.

Because of that, avid fans of the movie have no choice but to look for every single clue they can find in the new trailer – and now, a new theory has emerged.


Several fans have noticed that the standing stones in the trailer look like the Callanish Stones in “Brave”. Thus, many believe that this new movie may take place in the same universe as the Pixar movie.

One fan even noted that the posters between “Frozen 2” and “Brave” also look strikingly similar with the tall trees in the background. Do you see the similarities?

Another fans have also suggested that the underwater horse Elsa saw may be a Kelpie instead of Nokk. Same creature, but one is from Scotland while the other is from Germany.

So if the creature is indeed a Kelpie, then a crossover between “Frozen 2” and “Brave” is possible.

With this new theory, a lot of people have come to believe that Merida may be Elsa’s new girlfriend, and fans are totally shipping the 2 together!

Though some fans find the theory a bit unlikely considering that the 2 movies come from different studios, others defended that the parent company is still the same, so the theory is still a possibility.

If the fan theory is true, does that mean that Disney is trying to pull a DCU AKA Disney Cinematic Universe? Because we already know that “Tangled” is a part of “Frozen”, so anything can happen.

But even if that’s not the case, having “Brave” easter eggs in the movie would be awesome too. Who knows? “Frozen 2” may be the key to confirm the Pixar theory!

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