China’s popular milk-based sweets, White Rabbit Creamy Candy was sent for a laboratory analysis by Brunei’s Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), and results have shown that the candy contains pig protein.


With the result test, MoRA has officially labeled the White Rabbit candy brand as non-halal and sought importers and retailers’ cooperation to isolate the product and to place it in a non-Halal section of supermarkets.

The ministry warned Muslim consumers to avoid the Chinese-made product which has been going viral globally including Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, after America introduced White Rabbit candy-flavoured ice-cream.

Several local ice cream makers in Brunei such as Project Ice Cream and Rumah Gelato has decided to discontinue the White Rabbit-flavoured ice cream flavour and will take necessary measures to properly clean their equipment and facilities.


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Because of some concerning ingredients used in white rabbit candy, we are taking an immediate action and have decided to discontinue our White Rabbit ice cream. . #raguragu . Better safe than sorry.

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Dear friends, . We’re hoping out ‘The White Rabbit’ wagon and consider the last clip we had on it as parting goodbyes to our childhood memories candy. 🐰😢 . We’re stopping it from production (with immediate effect) as we want to ensure any issue of ‘keraguan’ or ‘doubts’ are managed, erased & handled the right way. . We sincerely apologise for taking this route and for our shortsighted but trust us, it is for the best interest by all parties and more importantly, keeping true to our Company’s vision, ie, to make people happy through the art of making premium gelato ice cream. . Sincerely yours, Rumah Gelato Frozen Treats . . Picture courtesy of Google

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During the weekend, MoRA said the Halal Food Control Division had submitted samples of the candy to the Ministry of Health’s Department of Scientific Services and found that the ingredients contained pork protein, The Scoop reports.

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