You’ve probably already aware of Snapchat’s new gender swap filter which is currently taking the internet by storm.

The new Snapchat filter basically shows you how you look like as the member of the opposite sex, and it’s fair or say that a lot of people are surprised by the result.


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No one: Absolutely No One: James Charles tryna turn Straight people Gay: #sexygirlmeme

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A lot of users seem to be really enjoying the new filter and some people even use it to prank and trick others on dating sites.


With the filter going viral, some local celebrities have also decided to jump into the bandwagon. Here are the results!

2Zulin Aziz


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Jom iftar ngan abam..?

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3Andi Bernadee


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Oke my turn , Naakk naakkk ?

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4Sharifah Amani

5Nazim Othman


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Ok makeup dah siap… tinggal nak buat rambut je pastu nak gi Pavilion shopping. ?? #blinkers #SnapchatFilterMadness

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6Fendy Bakri


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abam pun nak jugak.. sebab ada yang mencabar.. . seksis

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7Elizabeth Tan


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Kalau lizzy jadi lelaki muka mcm ni, korang akan mengorat I tak? ???

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You like my hair? Gee, thanks. Just bought it. ?‍♀️ #embracethebeautyinyou #gorgeous

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9Samantha Katie


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Mucho gusto, me llamo Juan Carlos ? or is it samandeep Singh? ?

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10Alicia Amin


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First name Ali, last name Sial. ????

A post shared by Alicia Amin (@hangriii) on

11Sissy Iman


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So far 6 hari puasa ni , puasa penuh tak bro ?? ?

A post shared by Sissy Imann (@sissyimann) on

12Fikry Ibrahim

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