Young Malaysian singer As’ad Motawh is taking the negativity in his life and turn it into an advantage.

Recently during his “Percaya” tour, the singer was accused of pulling a gimmick when he fell of a stage during his performance in Sabah. The same can be said during his performance in Melaka, when he was suddenly hugged by a female fan.

His actions has been condemned and criticised as attention-seeking by haters, but when asked about this, the 18-year-old singer told us that he didn’t mind the criticisms from both his fans and haters.

“I love both fans and haters. I got used to the haters already. It doesn’t matter what they say, I don’t even care anymore,” said As’ad when met at a recent HONOR event.

“Other artists would usually chase their haters away, but I welcome them. I see them as a marketing opportunity as they can make me trend and go viral. Haters and fans both have that benefit, that’s why I entertain all of them,” he said.

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As’ad also revealed that he will allocate 30 minutes of his time every day to reply his fans and haters’ comments on social media.

Regarding his tour, As’ad clarified that two incidents were not gimmicks and explained how the whole situation happened.

“Maybe because it’s my first tour and I’m singing new songs that I never released, so some fans got overexcited,” adding that even security didn’t expect such thing to happen.

Talking about the lady who hugged him, As’ad said that she was already “jumping around and screaming” before his show in Melaka started. “She pushed everybody away and the security couldn’t stop her. They only managed to catch her when she’s already on the stage.”

Meanwhile, regarding his performance in Sabah, As’ad claimed that he did not fall on purpose, clarifying that the same incident can happen even if it was Aiman Tino or Haqiem Rusli performing.

“Because there’s not much entertainment in Sabah, most of the artists are in Kuala Lumpur. So when we come to entertain them in Sabah, the fans usually get more excited,” he said.

“You can see in another video I posted, they were wiping my face all over, but that time, the security managed to save me. But for the other one, they were a bit late, so I fell,” he continued.

As’ad revealed that he is currently finalising his album and will be embarking on a new tour next year. “We’re planning on an album tour for the whole Malaysia, 14 states, 24 venues, InsyaAllah.”

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