Uh oh, did something happen to Jay Park (박재범) recently?

Earlier today (Wednesday, 17th April), the Korean American artist took to Twitter to drop a bombshell on fans. He basically announced that he’s retiring from the entertainment industry.

Jay Park
Source: W Magazine

The 31-year-old rapper seem to have made up his mind though. “This is a promise to you guys and myself,” he wrote. However, his retirement won’t happen anytime soon as he still need to tie up some loose ends.


Fans are confused, to say the least. “Didn’t he just signed on to Jay Z’s Roc Nation not too long ago?” a fan asked. Some even reminded the entertainer that April’s Fool was weeks ago. “Maybe he’s having a mid life crisis?“, another netizen suggested.

Jay recently completed his judge duties on the latest season of “Asia’s Got Talent”.

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