Many of you may be surprised by Malaysian super model Alicia Amin’s latest look – yup, the model did a buzz cut and she still look stunning!

Though it is true that Alicia Amin does look great with short hair as it compliments her oval face, however many are still shocked to see her bold transformation, especially going for a style that not many Malaysian celebs would not go for.

But the questions that’s on everyone’s mind is what’s with the sudden change of image? Is she going through a heartbreak? Does she have a health issue?

Well, it is none of those. Apparently, she just does it because she wants to. There’s no particular reason.

One commenter asked if she was paid to shaved her head, to which she replied, “No. I did it for myself. For fun actually. No amount of money can make me do something I don’t want to.”


Alicia’s new look has been getting a lot of positive reactions and we have to admit, she certainly slayed the look!

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