Malaysian-Danish singer-songwriter Sophia Fredskild returns with her 2nd English single titled “Forever Mine”, a continuation of her debut tune “Waiting for Love“.

Since “Waiting for Love” is a song about waiting for the right person to come into your life, then “Forever Mine” continues the story with the person finally appear in your life and you want that person to be with you forever – hence, the song title.


“Forever Mine” is the 2nd song from a trilogy of love songs, and Sophia took 1 hour to write the song. Unlike the 1st song, “Forever Mine” is more upbeat and pop-ish with catchy and feel-good vibes.

Shot over 2 days, the music video shows Sophia in different eras such as the rock n’ roll era, disco era, modern era, and futuristic era, implying that she wants to be with this person through these periods and time and stay together forever.

Like “Waiting for Love”, “Forever Mine” will also have a Malay version titled “Cinta Selamanya” which will be released sometime in July this year.

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