Looks like the issue between actress Fazura and actor, filmmaker Hans Isaac is not yet settled. Earlier this week, Fazura demanded an apology from Hans Isaac, the consultant of FFM30 (30th Malaysian Film Festival) after he accused her and her husband Fattah Amin of not respecting the festival and other artists.

With the matters getting worse, Hans tries to clear up the misunderstanding by explaining what happen between him and Fazura. “From what I understand, FFM awards should be presented by past FFM winners. Due to the confusion, I asked a friend who I knew for 16 years regarding the matter via WhatsApp.”



“The WhatsApp conversation is a privates exchange between 2 friends. I did not disclose it to another party. I hope that my explanation is enough to clear up the situation. I also wish that this small issue will not be exaggerated. Let’s focus on more important issues and use the social media as a positive space,” he said.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the appearance of the Fattzura couple on stage was a “surprise gimmick” from Astro. However, Finas CEO Ahmad Idham said that the production did not consult Finas about the surprise.

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Fazura issued a statement through her management at Universal Music Malaysia, where she called on Astro to clear the air and insisted that Hans apologise for his action.

“What’s happening now has damaged me and my husband’s names. Also, the message from Hans Isaac has make the situation worse, so I hope he will apologise for his action,” she said.

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