Now, you can enjoy music while eating pizza with Pizza Hut Malaysia’s new item, The Singing Pizza!

In collaboration with Universal Music Malaysia, Pizza Hut’s pizza box will now double up as a music box that plays music from an exclusive playlist and comes with vibrant collectible designs.

The pizza box includes a special QR code for customers to scan and play the exclusive music via their mobile phones whenever they take away or order for delivery. The QR code is also available on Pizza Hut’s dine-in restaurants for customers to enjoy music while having their meal.

“A big part of Malaysian culture is music, and so through “The Singing Pizza” we are combining two of our favourite passions – food and music – in one. We need to live and breathe the culture so we can connect and inspire fellow Malaysians in an authentic way,” Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia, Jean Ler said in a statement.

Featuring over 200 songs which will be updated every 2 weeks, The Singing Pizza playlist includes top trending and exclusive unreleased tracks, by top local artistes such as Fattah Amin, Fazura, Alvin Chong, Jack Tan, Zaim, Shalma Eliana and Aman Ra.

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“We are really proud to be partnered with an edgy brand like Pizza Hut which has been continuously pushing all the right boundaries and the Singing Box initiative is a great example of that,” said Kenny Ong, Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia.

Fattah Amin and Fazura will be releasing their brand new song “Paling Sempurna” via The Singing Pizza.

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