Remember Takahara Suiko? The talented gal who made personalised birthday jingle for only RM50! (Not sure if she still does that…) Anyway, she has come out with new song, but apparently Malaysians – especially men – don’t really appreciate it.

The song is called “Mari Pertahankan Lelaki” (translated as, “let’s defend the men”) which is kind of misleading because the song is not really about protecting men but more of an advice to them, asking them to control their lust.


Takahara, or more fondly known as Taka, wrote the song in lieu of the recent and many violent cases which happened to women such as the MRT lift robbery, the murder of an 11-year-old girl, and others.

“In lieu of recent events and technically any woman’s eternity, we have been told to ‘be safe’, ‘be careful’, ‘don’t do this or that’, ‘have pepper spray’, etc. Now it’s time for us to advise the men. Crime can happen to anyone,” she shared.

However, as she has expected, many men are offended by the content of the song, which seems to be generalising that all men are the same and putting all the blame on them.

But despite some disapprovals, many are defending and supporting the artist for having the courage to voice out the issue in public. Some even praised her calming vocals and music style and many even requested her to put up the song on Spotify.

For those who find the song offensive, you can look for Taka at The Gasket Alley on 8th March 2019. She will be performing there in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Entrance fee is only RM25!

So are you offended by the song or do you think Taka should make more awareness-themed song like this? Let us know~

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