Last week, actress-singer Janna Nick came under fire for charging RM50 for personalised wishes including birthday, anniversary or any congratulatory messages.

Her action has been condemned by netizens who see it as a dishonest and insincere move that takes advantage of her fans’ loyalty.

Some local celebrities have also criticised and mocked Janna Nick’s new business, they include actor Redza Minhat, actress-singer Fazura, actress Sharifah Sakinah, indie singer-songwriter Takahara Suiko, and more.

However, Takahara Suiko who is the lead singer of experimental band The Venopian Solitude has decided to use the same approach to make money. But instead of a simple wish, she makes personalised birthday jingle for RM50.

Many fans have complimented the singer’s effort and said that her personalised jingles are worth more than some simple and random wishes. We’re looking at you Ms Janna!

According to Takahara Suiko’s Twitter, she has already completed 5 birthday jingles so far and she has 22 more to go! If that’s any indication, people seem to be gravitating towards the musician’s talents.

Takahara Suiko has admitted that though she is not as famous as Janna Nick, she rather people spend their money on something worthwhile and at the very least, her jingle does not disappear after 24 hours.

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