Singaporean singer-songwriter Joel Tan, who goes by his stage name Gentle Bones, has taken the region by storm after releasing his self-titled debut EP in 2014.

The 24-year-old now has 3 EPs under his belt. After becoming the first Singaporean music act to be signed by Universal Music Group, Gentle Bones released his third EP titled “Michelle”, which is named after his friend.

“This third EP is inspired by Michelle and is an open letter dedicated to and named after her. I want to bring it back to the basics and have these simple love songs be a secondhand serenade for everyone else.”

The self-composed EP includes 3 tracks, “Be My Ocean”, “You Are The One”, and “I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You” which has gained international acclaim since it was teased earlier in June last year. The track even charted on Spotify’s Malaysia Top 50 Viral chart.

After a successful showcase in Malaysia last year, Gentle Bones continues making waves across Asia with live performances in solo concerts and festivals in Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Gentle Bones was the first youngest English music recording artist to achieve two sold-out concerts in Singapore. In 2016, he earned himself a spot at the inaugural Forbes 30 under 30 list for entertainment personalities.


Hype Malaysia recently had a quick chat with the Singaporean crooner to talk about his latest EP and his plan for 2019. Here how it went:

Hi Gentle Bones, can you tell us the inspiration behind the new EP, like why is it called “Michelle”? And how is the music different from your previous releases? 

Sure. Michelle who is a friend of mine, inspired all the tracks in the new EP. I’ve been exploring many different genres over the past few years and this EP is different because the aim of it was for the track to be genre-less.

What is your favourite track from the EP and why?

“Be My Ocean” is my favourite song of the EP. It was a song that was unabashedly honest and really captured the vulnerability of the moment.

Congratulations on getting charted on Spotify’s Malaysia Top 50 Viral chart for “I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You”. What do you think is the selling point of the song?

It’s my strongest song to date, I am really proud of its message and it’s a song any couple can relate to.

What have you achieved last year and what do you plan to achieve this year?

I intend to perform in as many cities as possible and continue to produce better music.

Is there any Malaysian performer you’d like to perform or collaborate with?

Working with Yuna would be an absolute dream.

How did you spend CNY?

I spent Chinese New Year in Los Angeles, working on more singles and my debut album.

Can you give a shout out to your Malaysian fans?

I can’t wait to perform in Malaysia again soon and I hope to be able to meet everyone!

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