Earlier this week, actress Emma Maembong and her partner Syed Abdullah, who is the older brother of youth and sports minister Syed Saddiq, received criticisms from netizens when intimate photos of them leaked to the public.

Netizens have been condemning the 2 for disregarding their boundaries as an unwed Muslim male and female. However, a few netizens have pointed out that the couple is actually married.

According to one of the netizens, he previously shared a flight and was seated next to Syed Abdullah. The person said that Syed Abdullah have shown several wedding photos of him with Emma Maembong.


The minister’s brother apparently told the netizen that he is currently earning some money for the wedding ceremony and is preparing to buy a house.

“He didn’t ask me to keep it as a secret, it’s just that I’m too lazy to tell people about it. But now that this case has turned into accusation, I feel bad keeping quiet about it,” said the netizen.

A lot of commenters also noted that the 2 shouldn’t have kept their marriage a secret. At least, they could’ve avoid all the accusations.


UPDATE (3rd February)

Emma Maembong has dismissed the rumours regarding her alleged marriage to Syed Saddiq’s older brother, Syed Abdullah.

The actress condemned a local newspaper for publishing the accusation. “Isn’t Harian Metro supposed to be a huge company? Why didn’t you guys investigate first before publishing this story? How can you make a story based on accusations?

Emma’s sister Chacha Maembong also dismissed the rumour. She told the daily that Emma and Syed never got married. “The rumour is not true. As a sister, I too was hurt by the accusation,” she said.

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