Actress Emma Maembong who is known for her hijab-clad image is seen without her head piece in a few viral photos with her alleged boyfriend Syed Abdullah, the older brother of Malaysia’s youth and sports minister Syed Saddiq.

The aforementioned photos of the couple getting intimate have been spread on social media. In one of the photos, Syed Abdullah is seen hanging out with a woman in his room where the woman sits in between his legs.

Source: Kosmo

Though the woman covered her face with her phone, she is believed to be local actress Emma Maembong who was recently rumoured to be in a relationship with the minister’s brother.

Another photo that is going viral clearly shows the actress’ face. The two lovebirds seem very intimate with each other and Emma is seen wrapping her arm around Syed Abdullah.

Source: Kosmo

Many fans have expressed their disappointment with the 26-year-old actress who took off her hijab in public and ignored the boundaries between Muslim male and female.

The actress soon issued an apology on her IG stories, admitting that she is the woman in the photo with Syed Saddiq’s brother. However, she denies that it was her who was sitting down in between Syed Abdullah’s legs.

Emma’s news come right after several controversial photos of actress Fathia Latiff circulated on social media. She was also seen without her hijab and was criticised for it.

Source: Kosmo

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