Are these “bak kwa” making you thirsty? Well, we know this much: having a sexy physique certainly helps to push sales for your product or services.

Ever since Siuhau Neo posted a few shirtless pictures of himself selling bak kwa (dried barbecued pork slices) while flaunting his six-pack abs went viral, business for the Malaysian has surged.

Source: Facebook

It was reported that Siuhau Neo, who hails from Kuantan, doesn’t just sell bak kwa. In fact, he apparently also runs a seasfood restaurant with his family. Bak kwa, also known as rougan or roupu, is a preserved, sweet-salty dried meat delicacy that is often enjoyed by Chinese especially during Chinese New Year.


Aside from honey bak kwa, the hunky Chinese man also sells seafood (crabs, oysters and prawns), chicken and pork floss, preserved sausages, wine, cookies, and a wide variety of cakes. He also promises that the food sold are safe, delicious, and hygienic.

However, netizens online seem to be more interested in Neo’s goods rather than his family goods. Can you blame them? Some of the Facebook comments read: “This meat is delicious”, “I can’t buy it without you”, “Let’s go to Kuantan to buy bak kwa!”, “Seeing you like this, I really can’t help but buy”.

Another Facebook user added, “If (handsome) and muscular guy does this, (it’ll) goes viral. If pork chop like me do the same thing, sure kena saman for hygienic reason and public indecency (people’s eyes burning). Jokes aside, (am wondering) if he’s good at grilling it, (cause) some bak kwa looks good but taste like charcoal“.

Source: Huskysays

There’s even a meme about how America has their own Aquaman, while Malaysia has our very own “Baguaman”. Neo occasionally travels to Kuala Lumpur, so if you’re interested, feel free to reach out to him personally. His contact and Facebook is available here.

To all you single ladies out there: Perhaps you can also ask him if he’s available to be your “boyfriend for hire” this Chinese New Year 😉

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