Fans of South Korean hip-hop group 3Racha have accused Malaysian female rapper Zizi Kirana for copyright infringement as her hit song “Siapa Yang Bap Bap” is said to feature similar beat to 3Racha’s “Runner’s High”.

3Racha’s fans have flocked to Zizi Kirana’s YouTube video and started to leave plenty of nasty comments and accusation. Some even tagged the Korean group’s record label JYP Entertainment, asking them to sue Zizi’s record company Mixology Music.


On its YouTube account, Mixology explained that JYP Entertainment has bought the same royalty free sample as the company, which explains why the 2 songs have the same opening beat.

The local recording company even shared 2 videos explaining on how sampling works. It is revealed that this is not the first time that Zizi Kirana’s is accused of plagiarism.

Previously, the rapper was apparently accused of copying K-pop girl group (G)I-dle. Zizi Kirana’s producer DJ Fuzz then explained that they didn’t copy the song, but simply posses the same beat as they bought the same music sample.

“It’s like we bought the same rice, but you use it to cook chicken rice, and I use it to cook nasi lemak,” said the producer.


After the explanations from Mixology Music, the official Malaysian fan account of 3Racha has issued an apology to Zizi Kirana and her record label, and they urged their fandom to delete the bad comments they left on Zizi Kirana’s accounts.

The lesson here is that you should always do prior research first before accusing something or someone.

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