After their marriage, 19-year-old Etta Ng moved back to Hong Kong together with her 29-year-old wife Andi Autumn as they have been kicked out of their house in Canada due to overdue rent.

Nevertheless, their financial struggles continue as the couple was spotted wandering around the streets carrying a large suitcase, backpack and guitar.

Source: Yahoo HK

When the local press approached the couple, Etta told them that she is looking for a new home but she refused to move back home with her mother Elaine Ng who is still reluctant to accept Andi into the family.


“I’m not going back to my [mother’s] house. I opened a production studio earlier so there is some income. I recently received the payments, so things are okay. It’s just finding a place is hard,” Etta said as quoted by JayneStars.

Elaine Ng

Elaine has given up on advising Etta and decided to “leave everything up to God”, hoping that it will make Etta be more responsible and mature.

Featured Image: Apple Daily.

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