Guess what guys? The Danish pop band behind the hit song “7 Years” and “Love Someone” is currently in Malaysia!

That’s right, Lukas Graham just touched down Malaysia last night and they’re already enjoying the country so far.

The band is here for a private showcase that is taking place in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night. But since, they’re only going to be here for a while, the members have gone on a eating spree around KL last night, trying out all sort of local food at Jalan Alor.

Surprisingly, out of all of the food that lead singer Lukas Forchhammer has tried, the one he likes the most is the king of fruits, durian.

“The durian taste really, really good. You just need to watch out for the prickly edges, and if you have a weak stomach, don’t smell it. I don’t. I like it,” he said on Warner’s Music IG story.

The band members also tried out mangosteen, satay, grilled fish, wantan mee, chicken wings and more at Jalan Alor. So many yummy food items to keep the stomach satisfied; no wonder Lukas and his companions were all smiles.

We’re really glad that Lukas Graham are enjoying their visit in Malaysia!

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