Actress Nabila Huda recently opened a new food stall called Waroeng Isabella, inspired from the title of famous hit song “Isabella” performed by her father’s band Search.

The shop was opened late last year and the reception has been fairly good so far, until one customer complained that she had to wait for 2 hours for her food, and what more, it didn’t met her expectation.

What’s even worse is that Nabila didn’t respond properly to the criticism she received. Instead, she went on a long Twitter rant explaining why customers needed to wait for 2 hours, and she didn’t explain it in a nice way.

Her behaviour infuriated Twitter netizens even more because not only did the actress not apologise for the bad service, she also refused to accept feedback and criticism with an open heart.

After the backlash, Nabila Huda has since openly apologised on Twitter for the lack of service and bad experience from her customers. She promised to improve the service at Waroeng Isabella.

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